Valentine's Day Giveaway

In honor of Valentine's Day (and a good way to clean out my gift closet!) I would love to monogram these goodies and send them your way. I love to give people presents and especially for no reason so here is how we are going to play this game: Leave your name if you would like to be entered into the drawing for these free items plus one simple thought. Here is the thought...since you will be receiving SIX goodies I want you to give one away to an unsuspecting person of your choice. Tell me who is it is and why you have chosen them. I can't wait to read who comes to your mind. On Wednesday night (February 17th) at 8:00 I will take all of the names and randomly draw a winner who will be announced on Thursday! The only way to get your name entered more than once is to visit my family blog The Sweet Life of Shane and Crystal and do the same there...now you have two chances! Good Luck!

The giveaway includes all of these items monogrammed to your liking with free shipping. Browse through this blog to get some ideas! The item descriptions are:
-Solid blue tote with black handles
-Colorful, flowered tote
-Off white scarf
-Pink baby winter hat with fuzz ball on top
-Black and white polka dot hair straightener case
-Adult solid white apron

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Jodi said...

Crystal, you rock. Love ya girl!! And darn it, if you ain't so very talented!!! :)

COUNT ME IN!!! :) You do such FABULOUS work! :) I visit your site frequently.... longingly.... wishing I had better budgeted for the month! :)

As for my "unsuspecting person", my friend Jenny is SUPER SICK in the hosp right now. She has a 10 yr old daughter Malaya who I'm sure is freaked out beyond meausre... she could use a surprise goodie! Scarf, or tote bag, or apron... can't decide!!

JENNY said...

I love this! You are great.

I would give the straightener case to my mom. She would LOVE it!

Jilly said...

You are so kind! I can think of people to whom I should give all of the gifts (although I'll admit I'd want to keep the scarf for me and the hat to my baby girl). But, the first one that came to mind was giving the hair straightener case to the most adorable counselor at our school. She is always giving of herself, without complaining, and she could really use someone "filling her bucket" for a change.

*Kendra* said...

Wow....after looking at all your stuff, Jeremy is going to be mad. (Not too mad since it's your stuff, though!) I can't wait to order some stuff when my sister has her baby. As for the give away....you're too sweet and I have some great friends that would enjoy all that stuff!

Lori said...

What a great challenge to think of someone to give one of the items to. I'd give the straightener case to my niece Ashley

Lyndi said...

Hey! Call me! I am wondering if I can buy one of your cute burp rags with Rory's name on it. =)

Wendy said...

Love personalized stuff and even better to be able to give away to others too! I would give the flower tote to my sister in law who is always looking for cute reusable totes.

Jodi said...

Btw.... I wanna win. :)

Cassie said...

SO glad you posted a reminder...I completely forgot to come leave a comment!

I would actually give two things away (does that increase my chances of getting picked?? :) First, the pink hat to Laura's little gal, Harper and second, the blue tote to my sister in Oxford...she loves her some blue and yellow and I think that would perfect for bringing her groceries home from the market.

Thanks for this giveaway!! I love personalized goodies:)