Creative Onesies!

Onesies are my least favorite item to monogram but my favorite item to give as a gift so I just suck it up! I like them so much because they are BLANK which lets me put whatever I want on them THUS the creative juices get flowing. Here is a precious newborn named Peyton who had a mommy that wanted her to come home in a tutu and a blinged out onesie...too cute!The thin onesies you buy in a pack do not turn out as cute so I am always on the hunt for thicker onesies like the one below. Even if they are a bit more expensive they can handle the wear and tear of my machine!
I love using this saying when there are already siblings involved!

Don't forget the BLING!
This was a onesie used for a little girl's first birthday party. Her mom made a skirt using the material that I put in the background of the 1.
Be creative with onesies! Possibilities are endless!

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Your Own Items

Lately I have had many items brought to me for monogramming...here are some cute ideas that you created! Lets start with a zebra snuggie...
A thin black jacket...
A sweet pink onesie...
A newborn dress...

A birthday onesie...

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Don't forget about the SIBLINGS!

Being the oldest child I was always a little "annoyed" at all the new presents the new baby got. I have matured since then and gotten over those emotions but always try to remember the siblings when I give a baby gift. This is my go-to gift for families who are welcoming a second or third child!

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Valentine's Day Giveaway

In honor of Valentine's Day (and a good way to clean out my gift closet!) I would love to monogram these goodies and send them your way. I love to give people presents and especially for no reason so here is how we are going to play this game: Leave your name if you would like to be entered into the drawing for these free items plus one simple thought. Here is the thought...since you will be receiving SIX goodies I want you to give one away to an unsuspecting person of your choice. Tell me who is it is and why you have chosen them. I can't wait to read who comes to your mind. On Wednesday night (February 17th) at 8:00 I will take all of the names and randomly draw a winner who will be announced on Thursday! The only way to get your name entered more than once is to visit my family blog The Sweet Life of Shane and Crystal and do the same there...now you have two chances! Good Luck!

The giveaway includes all of these items monogrammed to your liking with free shipping. Browse through this blog to get some ideas! The item descriptions are:
-Solid blue tote with black handles
-Colorful, flowered tote
-Off white scarf
-Pink baby winter hat with fuzz ball on top
-Black and white polka dot hair straightener case
-Adult solid white apron

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Look what the stork dropped off...baby gear!

Our poor children are going to have everything monogrammed! With so many babies being born I have had a lot of fun monogramming names on items for their mommies to see for the first time. There is just something about monogramming a name that parents have spent so much time picking out that is so special! I do think burp cloths are still my favorite gift but since I like making sets of things I have found some new baby gear as well! Lets start with new born hats...10$ for hat and monogramming!

I even have some "winter" versions...
Need a matching blanket to wrap them in? 10$ for blanket and monogramming!

And my current new obsession...hooded towels! Why don't they make these for adults? I would totally buy one! You can have a white one with monogramming on the hood for 12$.

Why don't put some bling bling on it?

Like always you can bring me items you have purchased but would like to add a name to...
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