Cutie in the Kitchen!

I had so many requests for aprons that I have found two styles I can now sell. I have plain white ones that are available in both kid and adult sizes. For both the apron and monogramming is $12. I also have more fancy styles (my personal favorite!) that come in three different designs. For both the apron and monogramming, they are $15. Whether it be just a name or a company's logo...aprons make a great gift!

FANCY STYLE: $15 for both apron and monogramming
Brown and teal striped

FANCY STYLE: Black and white polka-dot


PLAIN WHITE: 12$ for both apron and monogramming

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New twist on an old idea!

I have had these bags for quite a while but just recently customers have asked to add some fabric to the background and add some jewels...great idea! I love when customers are more creative than me! Here are some examples of recent bags I have made. The large tote (as seen in the entry YOU CAN NEVER OWN TO MANY BAGS) with the embroidery is 25. With the addition of the fabric letter in the background and jewels the grand total becomes 33!

The tote comes in the following color combinations:
-Baby blue/Brown

So far these are the fabric patterns I have used for the background. If you have another color combination in mind just ask. I am always wanting to add to my fabric selection so have no problem purchasing something in particular for a client.

Blue/Green Polka-Dot-
Blue/Brown Paisly-
Camo with Black-
Teal Striped-
Girly Stripes-
Large Zebra Print-
Small Zebra Print-
Brown/Blue Polka-Dot-
Brown/Pink Polka-Dot (The dots are a pale pink...it is hard to see in this picture)
Brown/Pink Floral (Once again this is a pale pink which is hard to see in this picture)
Pink/Green/Brown Leaves-
Pink/Brown Paisly- (This fabric has many shades of light pink which are hard to see)
Email me at dnan.spencer@gmail.com to put your summer bag order in!

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Bags...keeping you organized!

Many people have asked for different sized bags...so after searching I have some good news...I have three new bags that are available! The first one is a smaller tote made from smooth microfibers. The small tote bag and embroidery is 15$.

You can see the comparison between the two totes that I have available.
This next bag is a unique size made for shoes. I have used this bag for different purposes. One set I made had DIRTY and CLEAN monogrammed on the outside and was used for traveling to keep undergarments in. I also have made this bag to be used for party favors and filled with goodies. Shoe bag and embroidery is 10$.

My mom actually found these next bags and is using them for boy graduation gifts. They are large laundry bags made from cotton. Laundry bag and embroidery (the names are 6 x 10 inches long) are 15$

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You can never own to many bags!

A girl can never have to many bags, can I hear an AMEN! This is also another great item because it can be used for so many different purposes including:
-Teacher gifts
-Baby bags
-Team sport bags
-Bridesmaids Gifts
-Graduation presents
-And any other celebration!

IN STOCK- The remaining pictures I currently have in stock so you would not need to purchase an item. These bags are HUGE. I have made them for many teachers and any new babies I know. They come in the following color combinations (listed on the left is the top color and on the right is the bottom color):
-Baby blue/Brown

25$ for both bag and embroidery

Many are interested in putting the large colorful letters on the bag. The letter can also be put behind the name if the font is right!

IN STOCK- These are sweet bags that come in blue and pink. The straps are made out of satin ribbon. The inside is a darker color than the pale outside. I am selling them for $15 which includes both the bag and embroidery. If you would like the fabric letter in the background it is an additional $5.

IN STOCK- I also have the following bags in stock. These bags are the type of material that you find at your local Market Street, reusable thin non-woven fabric. They are extremely light weight and perfect for youngsters! I have available:
-Navy Blue

Designs really pop on this fabric! 12$ includes the bag and embroidery design!

I created these for the girls in my classroom as Christmas gifts...inexpensive yet personal gifts!

The following are pictures of bags that have been purchased by customers and then brought to me to monogram. Pricing depends on material, font choice, size, and sewing time. Just ask!

Names on backpacks are not only cute but very functional! It is helpful when you have twenty first graders grabbing for their backpacks at the end of the day...Shawn won't forget his!

Many people have asked me if I have any BOY gifts...it always makes me laugh! I purchased this large camo bag for my brother and personalized it for him!

Like always if you find a great bag used for monogramming, let me know!

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