New twist on an old idea!

I have had these bags for quite a while but just recently customers have asked to add some fabric to the background and add some jewels...great idea! I love when customers are more creative than me! Here are some examples of recent bags I have made. The large tote (as seen in the entry YOU CAN NEVER OWN TO MANY BAGS) with the embroidery is 25. With the addition of the fabric letter in the background and jewels the grand total becomes 33!

The tote comes in the following color combinations:
-Baby blue/Brown

So far these are the fabric patterns I have used for the background. If you have another color combination in mind just ask. I am always wanting to add to my fabric selection so have no problem purchasing something in particular for a client.

Blue/Green Polka-Dot-
Blue/Brown Paisly-
Camo with Black-
Teal Striped-
Girly Stripes-
Large Zebra Print-
Small Zebra Print-
Brown/Blue Polka-Dot-
Brown/Pink Polka-Dot (The dots are a pale pink...it is hard to see in this picture)
Brown/Pink Floral (Once again this is a pale pink which is hard to see in this picture)
Pink/Green/Brown Leaves-
Pink/Brown Paisly- (This fabric has many shades of light pink which are hard to see)
Email me at dnan.spencer@gmail.com to put your summer bag order in!

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