Look what the stork dropped off...baby gear!

Our poor children are going to have everything monogrammed! With so many babies being born I have had a lot of fun monogramming names on items for their mommies to see for the first time. There is just something about monogramming a name that parents have spent so much time picking out that is so special! I do think burp cloths are still my favorite gift but since I like making sets of things I have found some new baby gear as well! Lets start with new born hats...10$ for hat and monogramming!

I even have some "winter" versions...
Need a matching blanket to wrap them in? 10$ for blanket and monogramming!

And my current new obsession...hooded towels! Why don't they make these for adults? I would totally buy one! You can have a white one with monogramming on the hood for 12$.

Why don't put some bling bling on it?

Like always you can bring me items you have purchased but would like to add a name to...
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