Creative Onesies!

Onesies are my least favorite item to monogram but my favorite item to give as a gift so I just suck it up! I like them so much because they are BLANK which lets me put whatever I want on them THUS the creative juices get flowing. Here is a precious newborn named Peyton who had a mommy that wanted her to come home in a tutu and a blinged out onesie...too cute!The thin onesies you buy in a pack do not turn out as cute so I am always on the hunt for thicker onesies like the one below. Even if they are a bit more expensive they can handle the wear and tear of my machine!
I love using this saying when there are already siblings involved!

Don't forget the BLING!
This was a onesie used for a little girl's first birthday party. Her mom made a skirt using the material that I put in the background of the 1.
Be creative with onesies! Possibilities are endless!

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Your Own Items

Lately I have had many items brought to me for monogramming...here are some cute ideas that you created! Lets start with a zebra snuggie...
A thin black jacket...
A sweet pink onesie...
A newborn dress...

A birthday onesie...

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Don't forget about the SIBLINGS!

Being the oldest child I was always a little "annoyed" at all the new presents the new baby got. I have matured since then and gotten over those emotions but always try to remember the siblings when I give a baby gift. This is my go-to gift for families who are welcoming a second or third child!

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