Contact Crystal Spencer at dnan.spencer@gmail.com to make ordering arrangements.  Small orders can be completed within a week while larger orders can be arranged according to your needs.  The steps involved in creating your perfect design are as follows:

1. Find the item to be monogrammed on your own or use one of my items...possibilities are endless!

2. Choose the perfect font and color (with my help if you would like!)

3. Crystal will fill out order form according to the decisions you made

4.  You will have created the perfect gift for that special someone!

I can give you a quick quote before we complete the ordering process.  Pricing depends upon:

-Type of fabric to be embroidered on 

-Size of design which determines amount of time needed to stitch

-How many thread colors are involved

-Stitch count which varies with font choices 

-Material cost

Payments can be made through cash, check made out to Crystal Spencer, or through credit card using a paypal account.  Looking forward to creating alongside you!

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Coley! said...

Is this how I order ? :) Give me a call when you can I have three things that need embroidered for Christmas!