Burp Cloths!

If they are going to spit up might as well be on something cute! The burp cloths I purchase are three-ply quality and the average size. I do my burp cloths in four main designs: fabric on the bottom (15$), fabric in the background (12$), large letters in the background (10$) or no fabric at all (8$). I provide the fabric, you just provide me with the colors you would like to see! Often one burp cloth is not a "big enough" gift so I also sell burp cloth sets for $20. They include two matching designs. Check out some examples below and remember if you have your own idea...lets create together!

BURP CLOTH SETS: $20 for 2 burp cloths with matching designs

FABRIC ON THE BOTTOM: $15 for burp cloth, fabric, and monogramming

FABRIC IN THE BACKGROUND: 12$ for burp cloth, fabric, and monogramming

LARGE LETTER: $10 for burp cloth and monogramming

NO FABRIC: $8 for burp cloth and monogramming

Don't forget to add some bling-bling! Here is a close up...
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Bibs...easy addition!

I have bibs in TONS of different colors so just ask! I have them available in two styles as well. They are an easy addition to any gift bag you give! 10$ for bib and monogramming...

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