Bundle up for the Winter Wonderland!

You might laugh at the fact that I think 60 degrees is "Winter Wonderland" but I am cold natured and will keep warm no matter how rediculous I look. So how about not looking rediculous anymore...style up with a new winter hat or scarf for any age!

These cute baby hats come in blue or pink stripes with additional mittens if you would like! For only 12$ you can give this hat with a personalized name on it as a sweet gift!

For an older crowd I chose these basic black beanies. These are available in most colors, just ask! I created these as gifts for my boys in my class and you can have them as well for 12$.

The following are examples of wraps and scarfs used as Christmas gifts. I currently do not have these items in stock but you are more than welcome to find them on your own and I will do the embroidery!

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Blankets for all occasions!

So this is my new favorite purchase because they can be used for so many gifts! I have created embroidered blankets for many different purposes including:
-New baby
-Sport team
-Wedding gift

As of right now you would need to provide the blanket (or I can purchase one and get back with you on the price I find!). The examples below ranged in price from four to ten dollars depending on size. It is hard to tell in the picture but some of the names are eight inches long!

The unique thing about a blanket is that they can be used for a younger crowd or older crowd, depending on the fabric type and color. You can match a crib color or couch color depending on who the gift is for! Here are some samples to get your creative waves going...
I embroidered 110 of these blankets for a social club at Abilene Christian University. They were used as the Christmas social gift for the girls at an event outside...pretty cute!

I embroidered this piece of fabric that was then tied with another zebra striped fabric to create a tie blanket...great idea!
Soft thin swaddle blanket to welcome a new little one into this great big world! I have tons of these in a limited amount of colors. Just ask!

These were created as gifts for a team of teachers...very creative...and very needed during those winter recesses!

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Too cute Towels!

Towels can be a great gift for many different occasions! I have embroidered towels to be used for graduation presents, wedding gifts, house warming presents, and to decorate the little ones bathroom. Since they can be easily bought in bulk they are perfect for party favors and wedding party gifts. Price depends on the design you want embroidered. The following examples ranged between five and ten dollars. Here are some examples to get your creative minds thinking...

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All About Crystal's CUTE AS A BUTTON Creations!

Giving gifts is one of my "Love Languages". Whether weddings, new babies, graduation, or just to say you were thinking about them...I love to give things that show people I was thinking of only them when I bought it. What better way then to have their name on it! Creating personal items adds that extra somethin' somethin' to make others feel special!

What we create is up to you. You can use my own ideas and items or can create your own. I have software that takes your ideas, digitizes them, and stitches them onto any item you choose. I have 50 thread colors and over hundreds of font choices to choose from.

In real life I am a third grade teacher who is married to my college sweetheart! You can meet him at our family blog, The Sweet Life. He often tells me I am "cute as a button" which I never really understood but it makes me feel special none the less. That is where the name of my little company came from...so thanks, Shane! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or ordering information you might have at dnan.spencer@gmail.com. Looking forward to spreading the joy of gift giving!

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Products and Pricing

As I create new items I will be posting them on separate posts.  Please feel free to contact me with items you would like to see embroidered on and I will do my best.  So far these are the items that I have found that look great when embroidered on:



-Any type of shirt







-Cloth napkins

-Christmas stockings

-Burp cloths




-Spa Wraps

-Bags, bags, bags

As you can tell the possibilities are endless!  I would love to hear your ideas while you enjoy designing with mine!

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Font and Color Choices

The right color can really make your creation pop!  Browse through these options and see if you can find the perfect color.  Like always you can leave the decision up to me and I will match your item to the ideal color.  If you cannot find the exact color you are looking for let me know and I can purchase more options for you.

Light Pinks
Dark Pinks

Light Blues
Dark Blues

The different fonts are what really makes a gift shine! Please click to enlarge the pictures in order to get a better view of the fonts that I have available. Let me know which one you would like me to use. To many to choose from? Many customers just tell me the type (curly, modern, script, block, etc.) they are desiring and I use my best judgement. Also knowing a little about the person you are giving the gift to helps! Don't worry I won't let you down!

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