Possibilities are endless!

Possibilities are endless...that is the truth! If you find something you want monogrammed...just ask...I bet it is possible! Here are some examples of some creative ideas from my customers!
This is a soccer coach's gift! We put her team's name and if you look closely coach is in the soccer font!
Anything can be put on a shirt...even when the monogrammer doesn't understand why you want that on a shirt...it can be done!
This was for a sweet six month old!
Aprons are cute and easy!
This is a great example of how customized your orders can be. My mother-in-law just became a "Grandmother" this summer! All she wanted for Christmas was volleyball shirts. Well is you look around you cannot find many volleyball shirts so...I found a cute outfit at Kohl's and made a special volleyball outfit just for her!
Another wonderful idea a customer of mine had was to monogram a piece of fabric with a quote from their family. I then found a frame to fit and it made the most special gift! This would be a wonderful wedding gift with a couples new name and wedding date. Great idea!
I monogrammed some cute panties for a girls party at church!

I needed a quick gift for Valentines Day for the sweet ladies I work with at school. Why not some new panties to give your husband a laugh on Valentines Day. Sidenote: All ladies are married so it is ok!

Shower wraps and robes make the perfect gift for any occasion!

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Wase... said...

Do you do burp cloths? I think I know somebody with an affliction for cute burp cloths:)

Wase... said...

...everything is SOO cute!