Blankets for all occasions!

So this is my new favorite purchase because they can be used for so many gifts! I have created embroidered blankets for many different purposes including:
-New baby
-Sport team
-Wedding gift

As of right now you would need to provide the blanket (or I can purchase one and get back with you on the price I find!). The examples below ranged in price from four to ten dollars depending on size. It is hard to tell in the picture but some of the names are eight inches long!

The unique thing about a blanket is that they can be used for a younger crowd or older crowd, depending on the fabric type and color. You can match a crib color or couch color depending on who the gift is for! Here are some samples to get your creative waves going...
I embroidered 110 of these blankets for a social club at Abilene Christian University. They were used as the Christmas social gift for the girls at an event outside...pretty cute!

I embroidered this piece of fabric that was then tied with another zebra striped fabric to create a tie blanket...great idea!
Soft thin swaddle blanket to welcome a new little one into this great big world! I have tons of these in a limited amount of colors. Just ask!

These were created as gifts for a team of teachers...very creative...and very needed during those winter recesses!

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Laura said...

Those are very cute! I hope you get lots of business.

sharon said...

this is so great! and i can see the business card! :) yay! i am putting you up on my design blog today. hope i can send some business your way!!