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Many people have asked for different sized bags...so after searching I have some good news...I have three new bags that are available! The first one is a smaller tote made from smooth microfibers. The small tote bag and embroidery is 15$.

You can see the comparison between the two totes that I have available.
This next bag is a unique size made for shoes. I have used this bag for different purposes. One set I made had DIRTY and CLEAN monogrammed on the outside and was used for traveling to keep undergarments in. I also have made this bag to be used for party favors and filled with goodies. Shoe bag and embroidery is 10$.

My mom actually found these next bags and is using them for boy graduation gifts. They are large laundry bags made from cotton. Laundry bag and embroidery (the names are 6 x 10 inches long) are 15$

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